AMW Gobal Network

AMW Global Network is the best Indonesian technology company based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our vision is to become the world technology leader. In AMW Global, we would like to provide you new technology and the best service quality. Because most of our team members are local who believe that hard work will give you the best result.

A Digital Agency

We offer one stop technology services for your company. You just need to give us your idea and we will help you to realize it

Forward Thinking

Don’t be worry and stay calm. Our team members are ready to think forward to help your company grow up

Problem Solvers

There is no problem that can’t be solved, so are your company problem. Just tell us what is going on, and we will help you to solve it

Customer Support

Just shout us a message. Our 24/7 customer supports are always ready to serve you whenever you need our help

Our Story

AMW Global Network was founded in Yogyakarta in 2014. Our founder was a manager in one of technology company in Indonesia since 2010-2013. With a passion to bring up the nation in technology, our CEO decided to quit his job and and began to set up AMW Global Network.

Today, AMW Global doesn’t only provide technology services for their client. But AMW Global is also developing a system that can help lot of people to earn a living. We also have a foundation named AMW Foundation. This foundation helps people who need special care in Indonesia

  • Website Development 95%
  • App Development 88%
  • Internet Marketing 90%
  • Security 98%
  • Brand Strategy 89%
  • Search Engine Optimization 97%
  • Customer Happiness 99%